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History of Water Wells

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brown and white concrete building
brown and white concrete building

What is a Water Well?

Before we start talking about the history of water well we need to say what is water well? A water well is any structure or excavation that is made in the ground by drilling or digging in order to access underground water. People throughout history have been using wells to obtain water for thousands of years.

Wells are very important to all societies because they provide a reliable supply of water for many uses such as home use, irrigation, and industry use. In deserts, for example, people would not be able to survive.

 The first water wells were created around 8000 years ago and they were created in Israel, India, and China. In ancient Egypt, there is a pretty good chance that the average man had to dig a well by his hands or with the help of a shovel. But today digging a well by your hands is outdated since we have automated drilling methods that replaced old manual labor methods. Wells that we have today are drilled by a truck-mounted drill rig.

Types of wells:

Dug Wells

Dug wells will work if the ground is soft and the water table is shallow. If you look back at the history of these wells you will find out that they were excavated by a hand shovel below the water table until the water would come out and exceed the diggers bailing rate. To prevent a collapse these wells were lined with bricks or stones and they were covered with wood, concrete, or stone.

Driven Wells

This type of wells is still common even today. They drive the small-diameter pipe into the soft earth such as gravel or sand and that's the way they are built. There is a screen that is attached to the bottom of the pipe and that filters out sand or other particles. The problem with this type of wells is that they can only tap shallow water. Another issue is that the water is pretty close to the surface and contaminants from the surface pollutants will occur.

Drilled wells

Most of the modern wells we have today are drilled and they are a bit complicated and also require an expensive drill rig. These drill rigs are mounted on big trucks most of the time. Rotary drill bits are used and they can even smash the rocks. This type of wells can be drilled more than 1000 feet deep. Most of the time the pump is placed in this well to push the water up to the surface.

Most people around the world supply their own water for their houses, mostly in rural areas because they don't have a large public-supply water system to get water from. Wells that these people are using consist of the following components: - Well Casing - Well Caps - Well Screens - Pitless Adapter - Jet or Submersible Pump Pumps that are used most commonly for deep private wells are submersible pumps and they are placed inside the well casing and are also connected to a power source that's on the surface.